Our Little Champions

The Yacht Club of Hyderabad in its short existence has trained the following champions at the national level.

Rishab Nayar just 14 years as in 2015 and already the under 18 Youth National Champion and Silver Medallist at the India International Regatta. Rishab is also the Topper National Champion. Intensively trained at the Yacht Club , Rishab is from Silver Oaks School in the 10th Grade and dreams of sailing in the Olympics.


Juhi Desai Started sailing at the age of 8 and she could barely pull her boat on shore. Juhi is in 2018 is India No.3


Tanishq Desai finished 8th at the Laser Nationals and at 13 in 2015 has sailed the Topper and 420 Classes. Won the Topper Class Nationals at Goa in 2015 and makes a spectacular crew. Tanishq is known to be a devil with the Racing Rules. Also a student of Delhi Public School


Leela Sagar was the 2014 National Champion, He won the Monsoon Regatta and has also participated in the Singapore Nationals. Leela has dropped out of sailing to pursue his studies at Udbhav School


Majji Lalitha is a Gold medallist at the 2018 Monsoon Regatta and ranked 9th in India in the same year.


LAKSHMI NOOKARATHNAM Ranked No.4 amongst girls in India in 2018