The idea of the Yacht Club in Hyderabad came up in the mind of it’s Founder President Suheim Sheikh in the year 2009 with the intent of creating infrastructure for all to access, given that Sailing has been part of Hyderabad and Hussain Sagar for more than a century.

Armed with just this idea the Yacht Club of Hyderabad was born on World Environment Day June 5th 2009. 

After having take over a dilapidated and broken down 60 year old jetty and 3 little boats, the Yacht Club is now a sturdy well facilitated and robust jetty with more than 120 boats and many young sailors enjoying the facility to the fullest.

Set up as a not for profit, the club focussed on economically challenged kids from government schools and sharpened it’s training capability to the point of producing many national champions in the sub-junior and junior categories with many medallists.

Orphans and deprived children with diverse backgrounds like farming and labour have been trained to top levels and their education and nutrition funded and monitored by the YCH.

In 2015 with the idea of ensuring a self sustaining legacy, the club decided to throw its doors open to the public and simultaneously introduced Kayaking to its quiver of offerings. However it remains purely a training institution and does not offer any recreational facilities or rides.

Mr.Sheikh is a graduate from IIT Madras and ran a software products company involved in the creation of real time Stock Trading and Surveillance systems and has worked extensively on Fraud Management. He exited the world of software to pursue his passion for the sport of sailing and photography.

“It seemed unfair that the city did not have a facility with access to water with such a beautiful lake in it’s midst and I took on that mantle given that, I have enjoyed the sport and the lake for so many formative years of my life” said Suheim who has invested many years and savings on building the facility.

The Yacht Club of Hyderabad now boasts of being one of the fastest growing and performance oriented water sports facility in the country with world class training systems.