DIGNITY THROUGH SPORTS - Social responsibility is our raison d 'aitre

  • We have built Sailing infrastructure and expertise with the primary intention to to work with the deprived classes.
  • The YCH started with 4 kids and 3 little boats and have now grown to about 50 odd boats and about 50 kids. We largely work as a privately funded foundation and our work across from 2009 to 2015 has been focussed on deprived children from government schools with a few from the affluent classes.
  • The kids are taught to sail at the national level and the sport is used as a medium to interact with them and upgrade, their ability to handle challenges, success, failure and competitiveness. 
  • We connect them to career counselling, get them admitted to better institutions, fund their education, provide them with nutrition, medical aid, bikes to get them to school and the club, take them across the country to championships and we have also taken one of them to Hong Kong and one to Singapore for regattas.
  • Their academics are being monitored continuously.
  • Working with both classes - deprived and affluent -  in tandem helps each inspire the other. One turns aspirational and the other a bit humble from the interaction.
  • We have in the process produced a National champion from amongst the deprived (a housemaid's son) and one from amongst the affluent. This vindicates our coaching prowess and the efficiency of our systems.
  • The whole focus is to provide the kids with a stable and sustainable career and move them gradually from the vernacular medium to English and into a lucrative profession of their choice.
  • We have had some results results academically with a few kids now into graduation and some looking at migrating from government schools to better institutions.
  • Some need to turn vocational given poor academic performance and interest levels and while we do look towards sending them to vocational institutions perhaps there is nothing better than to exploit existing skills and employ them in the sailing industry with opportunities at the club and similar institutions across the country.
  • We are constantly looking towards improving their vocational skills and employability 
  • We are working closely with the Social Welfare department in Hyderabad and also Naandi Foundation that runs a program for the girl child titled 'Nanhi Kalis" . We have already shortlisted a few girls to be trained.
  • Working with foundations helps, in that the entire monitoring of academics is taken care of and we only play a minor role of encouragement thereafter.
  • One idea was to provide them with employment opportunities as instructors and coaches at the club itself and that has succeeded in that a few are already on a stipend with us and are coaching the new kids we are absorbing.
  • We are constantly upgrading infrastructure to have as many paid students from the affluent making us one of the finest facilities in the country and this will make us a lot more revenue stable and less dependent on donations and improve the mix of paid vs free, something we are just beginning to work on in 2015.
  • Our current sources of funding have been sponsors to an annual national level regatta we run called the Monsoon Regatta and over the years, donations from close friends who believe in the cause.
  • We have been actively supported by Deloitte and The Marriott Hotel for many years.

Please do take a few minutes to watch these videos made by friends on the CSR work.